PMS Link

Guesttrack’s PMS Link for Open-mesh provides two-way integration between hotel and resort Property Management Systems and Open-Mesh networks, enabling guests to authenticate and charge Internet access fees to their guest folio.


With Guesttrack’s PMS Link for Open-mesh, you can:

  •  Integrate Open-mesh with your Property Management System (PMS)
  •  Authenticate guests on your wireless and wired networks by using last name and room number
  •  Post wireless and wired Internet access charges to guest room folios
  •  Eliminate expensive on-site controllers

Guesttrack PMS Link for Open-mesh is:

Easy to install.

PMS Link can be installed in minutes from the Guesttrack dashboard.

Easy to manage.

The Guesttrack dashboard provides easy cloud-based management and monitoring of all services.


Guesttrack’s PMS Link is incredibly lightweight, with essentially no impact on your network or bandwidth demands.

Open-mesh approved.
Built exclusively for



As an Open-mesh partner, we’ve worked to ensure a high level of integration and reliability.

Key features:

Two-way Open-mesh-PMS integration

Guesttrack’s PMS Link brings property management system (PMS) integration to Open-mesh networks for the first time. Custom designed for 40+ of the most popular property management systems in the world–including Galaxy, Opera, RMS and Comtrol– Guesttrack is the only cloud-based system that unifies hotel guest networks and property management systems. Guesttrack PMS Link allows guests to log in to wireless and wired networks and post charges to their room using only their last name and room number.

Custom authentication and user control

Guesttrack PMS Link is built to authenticate guests with last name and room number, but you don’t lose the authentication methods already available in CloudTrax. With the GuestTrack dashboard, you can still allow guests to bill their credit card directly through PayPal, create custom group voucher codes, or distribute voucher codes from the front desk. Regardless of the payment method, you have full control over tiered access, bandwidth caps, number of allowable devices, timeout periods and more.

No on-site controllers

Like CloudTrax, Guesttrack PMS Link is based in the cloud, with any local Open-mesh access point acting as the hardwired IP interface. There are no on-site servers or controllers to configure, repair or replace, and no technicians required at the premises. Guesttrack helps eliminate WiFi downtime and IT expenses. And it means GuestTrack PMS Link is just as scalable as the rest of your Open-Mesh network, serving one room or thousands.

Easy, plug-and-play deployment

Guesttrack PMS Link runs locally on a single Open-mesh OM2P series access point. Guesttrack utilizes both Ethernet ports, as this access point physically connects to both your administrative LAN on one side where your PMS system lives and the guest LAN on the other side that includes your Open-mesh hardware. To install, simply open the port with your PMS provider, purchase a PMS Link license from your PMS provider, and connect an access point from the network to the PMS server.

Guesttrack PMS Link is custom-designed for 41 of the most popular property management systems in the world, including Galaxy, Opera and Comtrol Lodging Link-compatible systems.

If we don’t connect to your PMS already, get in touch. We continually add more systems and offer custom development packages to connect to virtually any interface.

Cost is $2.00 per room per month in hotels, apartments and condos + $50.00 setup

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