Botnet Blocker

Botnet Blocker for Open-mesh identifies and stops known bots from communicating, preventing ISP suspensions due to infected computers using your network for attacks.

What is a botnet?

Botnets are networks of computers infected by malicious software and controlled remotely, usually for financial gain or to launch attacks on website or networks. Botnets may infect and use laptops, desktops, servers, routers, smartphones, or any other network equipment.


With Botnet Blocker for Open-mesh, you can:

  •  Automatically stop outgoing botnet attacks over any Web or non-Web port, protocol or app, ensuring your ISP does not suspend your Internet connection
  •  Proactively identify infected devices on your Open-mesh network for easy remediation
  •  Eliminate on-site controllers

Guesttrack Botnet Blocker for Open-mesh is:

Easy to install.

Botnet Blocker can be installed in minutes by simply subscribing to the Guesttrack Botnet Blocker service.

Easy to manage.

The Guesttrack dashboard provides easy cloud-based management and monitoring of all services.


Botnet Blocker is incredibly lightweight, with essentially no impact on your network or bandwidth demands.

Open-mesh approved.

As an Open-mesh partner, we’ve worked to ensure a high level of integration and reliability.

Diagram - hot Botnet Blocker works

How Botnet Blocker works:

1. Botnet Blocker maintains an active list of threats and untrustworthy IP addresses.

2. The most recent Botnet Blocker list is added to the firewall built-in to each Open-Mesh access point.

3. Malicious software on infected guest devices makes an attempt to “call home.”

4. The attempt is blocked by Botnet Blocker, preventing communication. Other traffic is unaffected.

5. Since infected devices can’t communicate, no data is sent (spam, phishing, server attacks, etc.) and the criminals in the outside world are unable to see the network.

6. Botnet Blocker notes and reports all infected devices, resulting in intelligent, actionable reports for easy remediation.

Getting started is easy.

Put an end to bots on your network in minutes with Guesttrack Botnet Blocker.
It’s easy to install and there’s no technical experience required.

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