Guesttrack is built for resellers.

Designed by the same team behind Liveport, an HSIA vendor servicing more than 600 hotels globally, Guesttrack was built from the ground up with the needs of resellers in mind. Reseller features include:
Global site management

Guesttrack gives you global access to all of your sites under one login. Get the big picture on all networks or drill down to an individual device, all from one screen. And because Guesttrack checks in on your network constantly, you’ll know almost instantly when a network needs attention.

Easy plug and play deployment

You can deploy Guesttrack with just a few clicks. We worked hard to make it incredibly easy to get started, so you can deploy any time, day or night, without our involvement. Most sites are up and running in five minutes or less.

Custom admin access levels

Want to allow full access to hotel IT, while limiting front desk staff to vouchers only? With Guesttrack, three levels of admin access help you control what each staff member can do.

White-labeled hotel login (Coming Soon)

Exclusive to resellers, we’ll set up a custom branded interface at that allows hotel staff to log in to our interface without ever knowing about Guesttrack.

Total price and relationship ownership

Guesttrack is available for a low monthly rate per room (PMS Link, Compliance) or per network (Botnet Blocker). As a reseller, you can provide it at any rate you choose. And because we don’t bill or communicate with clients directly, you own the relationship.

No installation fees

If you’re an approved Guesttrack reseller with three or more successful deployments, we’ll waive your installation fees on all future deployments.

Apply to become a Guesttrack reseller

If you’d like to resell Guesttrack services, we’d love talk.

Simply fill out the form here, clearly noting that you’d like to become a reseller, and we’ll be in touch.

Please note that reseller discounts (on installation fees) and special features are typically available after three successful Guesttrack product deployments.