Below is an outline of the process to integrate a hotel PMS system with an Open-Mesh network using GuestTrack PMS Link. The process is essentially the same regardless if the hotel is running a Galaxy, Opera or Comtrol-compatible system. The process is quite straightforward, and we offer full support to walk you through each step of the way.


1. Set up a test network in CloudTrax

Rather than testing on a live guest network, we recommend creating a separate, temporary network in CloudTrax with a single access point to test and configure the system for the hotel before going live.

2. Connect the test access point

Plug an OM2P into the Internet as well as the private network the PMS server is running on. More than one OM2P can be used on the Internet side, but is not necessary. You can even connect one access point on site at the hotel and another at a remote site for testing.
GuestTrack PMS Link hardware deployment

3. Purchase a GuestTrack license

Purchase a PMS Link license at for the full number of rooms in the property.

4. Login to GuestTrack Dashboard

We’ll email you a message that contains custom instructions on how to connect your PMS system into GuestTrack. Each PMS solution has different requirements and instructions to activate their interface with GuestTrack.

5. Contact your PMS provider

Contact the PMS provider and tell them that you want to integrate the GuestTrack PMS Link services interface (or GuestTrack PMS Link for Opera). The PMS provider will then enable your system to allow GuestTrack to securely talk to it. They will provide you with the PMS server IP address and port number GuestTrack needs to so it can connect to the PMS.

6. Enter the PMS information into the GuestTrack dashboard

Now that you have the PMS server IP address and port number from your PMS provider, enter these into your GuestTrack dashboard. Also enter the MAC address of the OM2P that will be used to connect to the PMS system network.

7. Set up your splash pages

Because GuestTrack replaces your current splash page in CloudTrax, you’ll need to set one up (and any subsequent pages) through the GuestTrack dashboard. Start with a default template and then customize it from there with your colours, logo and messages. If you’d like to bring in your current splash page from CloudTrax, just get in touch and we’ll take care of this for you.

8. Set up your Internet packages

The default splash pages and Internet packages will need to be setup. If they have an existing splash page we can bring it into the GuestTrack system or we can help create a new splash page.

9. Test the system

The GuestTrack PMS Link system can now be tested to verify splash pages, vouchers and posting are all working properly.

10. Go live

PMS Link is now live throughout the hotel.