Installing Compliance for Open-mesh is quick and easy. Simply follow the steps below. If you need a hand, we offer full support to walk you through each step of the way.

1. Purchase a GuestTrack license

Purchase a Compliance license at You’ll need to tell us the exact network name, so it’s best to copy and paste this directly from CloudTrax.

2. Check back in an hour

Compliance will be automatically installed on each Open-Mesh access point as they check-in to the dashboard, typically no longer than every 10 minutes. We also need to check the order for fraud so that may delay the initial install timing but that rarely happens.

3. Monitor

Compliance will begin logging all relevant data traffic immediately and reporting the data to our massive data center storage facilities. You can view the Compliance reports on the GuestTrack dashboard and verify that it is indeed working for you by storing data on our servers. Data is typically uploaded to our servers very few minutes so don’t expect to see a streaming log of changes as they happen each second – you will see the most recent data that was collected in the last few minutes instead of seconds.

Remember: we only show you the last 50 lines of stored data so that you can verify it is still working. We do not make the large volumes of data that we store available to anyone without a valid Law Agency Court Order requesting very specific data for a specific MAC address on a specific day and time period. This data is not intended to be used by any agency such as the NSA, CIA or FBI to be trolling through the data. The data will be held by GuestTrack for between 6 months and 2 years depending on the requirements of your specific government. We are obliged by law to provide the requested data within 48 hours of a proven Court Order and when required we will only send the specific data requested so as to protect your own privacy if you are not a target of that specific investigation.