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A Technology Enabler

We make it possible to install your custom code on top of Open-mesh firmware  to create the product you want without affecting the core functionality of Open-mesh and Cloudtrax. Our platform automatically updates all of your client installs every time you make a change or each time Open-mesh upgrades their firmware.  Your clients will never notice what we are doing and you’ll be able to roll out all that you can sell without having to do anything to maintain all of those clients. This ensures a stable and endlessly upgradeable path for your clients without having to roll out a truck to each location to make those upgrades.

We Have

Amazing Scalability

With Guesttrack, your client base can grow without any worry about how you’re going to deliver upgrades to your custom solution. This service is absolutely ideal for any service using Open-mesh as their core hardware solution. You’ll benefit from a simple and intuitive setup interface with an open API allowing you to easily integrate your solution with Open-mesh/Cloudtrax. Everything sits on cloud managed servers with endless scalability to match your unforeseen success as a result of using Guesttrack as your platform for delivering your software updates at all of those remote locations that you serve.

We Offer

Free Updates & Support

In case something goes wrong you’re free to contact our support team that is available 24/7, all the year round. This is a life-time option, meaning that by becoming the customer of Guesttrack you can use our support team’s services any time, for no cost at all. By becoming a customer of Guesttrack services you will also get free Guesttrack service updates as long as you are  using our service!

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Our History

The Guesttrack Team used over 60 years of experience to build the platform that lets you extend Open-mesh beyond the Cloudtrax feature set. To do this we had to know a lot about old technologies and the latest technologies in order to comprehend and include all is required to make the impossible – possible. Without that experience Guesttrack would never have been the success it has become today.


Our expertise

Based on Experience

Guesttrack’s team used 60 years of experience to build the most advanced Open-mesh enabling platform ever created. Guesttrack was developed with all those remarks and wishes our clients ever expressed. Every single feature or option you will ever need can be found inside our service and if there is something missing that you would like then contact us to talk about how we can make it happen for you in record time.

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Joe Garvey
Joe Garvey
Joe has a long history of providing innovative solutions to tough challenges incorporating everything back to good old serial ports
Gerry Bakker
Gerry Bakker
Serial Entrepreneur. Successful Launch Visionary. Gerry has been pushing technology's bleeding edge since 1983 when he owned two ComputerLand stores
Danny Bakker
Danny Bakker
Danny has 8 years experience with the successful launch of Liveport Corporation turning it into a successful multi-million dollar service
Samantha Martin
Samantha Martin
Samantha brings a long serving career in accounting, payroll administration and project management in busy hi-tech environments serving a pivotal
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