GuestTrack provides premium, cloud-managed
services for Open-Mesh

With GuestTrack, you can extend the functionality of Open-Mesh networks
with a suite of cloud-managed services that are:

Easy to install.

All services are installed in minutes with a simple SH script from the CloudTrax dashboard.

Easy to manage.

The GuestTrack dashboard provides easy cloud-based management and monitoring of all services.


GuestTrack is incredibly lightweight, with essentially no impact on your network or bandwidth demands.

Open-Mesh approved.

As an Open-Mesh partner, we've worked to ensure a high level of integration and reliability.

GuestTrack services for Open-Mesh:

PMS Link for omlogo-14px

GuestTrack PMS Link provides two-way integration between hotel and resort Property Management Systems (PMS) and Open-Mesh networks, enabling guests to authenticate and charge Internet access fees to their guest folio.

With PMS Link, you can:

  •  Integrate Open-Mesh with your Property Management System (PMS)
  •  Authenticate guests on your wireless and wired networks by using last name and room number
  •  Post wireless and wired Internet access charges to guest room folios
  •  Eliminate on-site controllers

Compliance for omlogo-14px

GuestTrack Compliance tracks and retains all guest activity on Open-Mesh networks to help public network providers meet the legal requirements of their national governments.

With Compliance, you can:

  •  Track and record guest Internet usage for legal compliance
  •  Link data to individual guests names and room numbers with PMS Link (optional)
  •  Store all data for two years
  •  Eliminate on-site controllers and storage

Coming soon.

Botnet Blocker for omlogo-14px

GuestTrack Botnet Blocker identifies and stops known bots from phoning home, preventing ISP suspensions due to infected computers using your Open-Mesh network for spam, phishing and attacks.

With Botnet Blocker, you can:

  •  Automatically stop outgoing botnet attacks over any Web or non-Web port, protocol or app, ensuring your ISP does not suspend your Internet connection
  •  Proactively identify infected devices on your Open-Mesh network for easy remediation
  •  Eliminate on-site controllers